The Very FIRST Letter From Wellington

March 12, 2018

Hello Friends!

I’m so hopped up to have my very own website. It’s a work in progress, just like me. Wait. What. You thought that I was all polished and complete. Well almost, but like most everything there’s always room to grow.

It’s a blustery day here on the OBX where my scribe resides. We are in constant contact through the WEB you see. Not THAT WEB, my WEB. Betcha didn’t know that when we started my stories together the internet WEB barely existed. In fact THAT WEB is 29, twenty-nine! years old TODAY. It came into the public eye at almost the exact same time as my WEB. Isn’t that the best? My scribe had no idea what I was talking about when I kept mentioning the WEB. But she trusted me and asked few questions. My WEB is the one where all Easter bunnies go when their job is finished to hang out with their friends and play endless games of hopscotch which they all excel. It’s short for our names which always middle and end in Easter Bunny. The start can be an W name freely given without ulterior motives lurking.

Pretty cool eh. From one WEB to another in the flick of a whisker. Still ironing the kinks out of having my own internet WEB site but soon I’ll have all of my books here on their own page and I’ll write letters to you very often telling about so many interesting things.

Until we chat again because I hope we do through comments that you are so welcome to leave, have fun and spread love.


One thought on “The Very FIRST Letter From Wellington

  1. For helping you get this site up and hopping I’ll gladly accept payment in lemon jelly beans. Have a happy hoppy day!

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