It SNOWED Last Night

March 13, 2o18

It didn’t snow very much. But when you’re an Easter bunny snow is a big deal. We’re used to fresh flowers, spring grasses and warm breezes. We tend to hibernate rather like a bear when it’s cold and wet. But not when there’s snow. That’s a reason to hop about.

It was a very quick snow and it was a very dark part of the night. I do wonder why it always seems to snow in the dark. I have no good answer for that actually.

In other news, I went to Great Gut Deli today. It’s on a road named Thicket Lump. Georg should like that name. Or maybe he would not like it. He got stuck in a brambles thicket in my first book. But then if he had not gotten stuck we never would have met so I consider that a good thing. And as it is also how Georg (and me too) came to met Bethleann (in book two), who is now his lovely bride. Oops I gave away a few plot lines for new readers. Oh well, they’re not such big secrets any longer. Anyway, I am certain that Georg is very fond of thickets after all is said and done.

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