It’s PI Day Or Pie Day

March 14, 2018

Pie Day is my preferred way to honor this day. But since it actually is all about numbers, Pi Day, as Count Donald reminds us, is how this day works.

Count Donald can have his numbers including that tedious Mersenne prime. Did you know there is a new one? And naturally Count Donald contributed heavily to its discovery in December 2017. That makes the count up to an even 50, hardly a prime of any kind. When I started telling my tales there were 48 Mersenne primes. See what I mean about things ever changing? There’s more about Count Donald and his search for a Mersenne prime in Book 3, Wellington Rabbit Finds Help Along the Way.

Meanwhile I, on the other hand, will merrily, or cheerily since I’m making cherry pies, bake a few pies. Organic cherry pies. And then eat them. With homemade organic vanilla ice cream. Of course I will also share them. That’s what I and my stories are all about. Sharing life’s adventures. And spreading love.

Happy Pi Pie Day!




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