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Lovely people,

Did you find your wishflower? Georg worked hard to scatter lots and lots of extra seeds this year. They grow and mature super fast and he hopes everyone finds theirs and sends a wish to the fairies. Those little folks are working as much magic as they can to make every wish a reality. If it doesn’t happen despair not. Make a new wish. One will come true.

Love wins,


It’s Almost Easter, NO Fooling

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? Me either. And I’m the one that is supposed to be on top of that. Georg, Bethleann & I have been really busy getting everything ready for the big day.

All the family youngsters are helping dye eggs and gather wishflower seeds for Georg. You do recall that Georg delivers wishflowers, right?

What’s a wishflower some of you ask. A wishflower is a very special Easter treat for all the children who cannot receive an egg filled Easter basket. Georg sows these special seeds all over the world every year. After the seeds sprout, flower and mature, if a child finds one and makes a wish while scattering the puffball AND if a fairy catches it the wish will come true. Some people call wishflowers dandelions but their true name is wishflower.

Oops I need to scoot. Edward & Sebastian just spilled dye all over their fur.


It’s PI Day Or Pie Day

March 14, 2018

Pie Day is my preferred way to honor this day. But since it actually is all about numbers, Pi Day, as Count Donald reminds us, is how this day works.

Count Donald can have his numbers including that tedious Mersenne prime. Did you know there is a new one? And naturally Count Donald contributed heavily to its discovery in December 2017. That makes the count up to an even 50, hardly a prime of any kind. When I started telling my tales there were 48 Mersenne primes. See what I mean about things ever changing? There’s more about Count Donald and his search for a Mersenne prime in Book 3, Wellington Rabbit Finds Help Along the Way.

Meanwhile I, on the other hand, will merrily, or cheerily since I’m making cherry pies, bake a few pies. Organic cherry pies. And then eat them. With homemade organic vanilla ice cream. Of course I will also share them. That’s what I and my stories are all about. Sharing life’s adventures. And spreading love.

Happy Pi Pie Day!




It SNOWED Last Night

March 13, 2o18

It didn’t snow very much. But when you’re an Easter bunny snow is a big deal. We’re used to fresh flowers, spring grasses and warm breezes. We tend to hibernate rather like a bear when it’s cold and wet. But not when there’s snow. That’s a reason to hop about.

It was a very quick snow and it was a very dark part of the night. I do wonder why it always seems to snow in the dark. I have no good answer for that actually.

In other news, I went to Great Gut Deli today. It’s on a road named Thicket Lump. Georg should like that name. Or maybe he would not like it. He got stuck in a brambles thicket in my first book. But then if he had not gotten stuck we never would have met so I consider that a good thing. And as it is also how Georg (and me too) came to met Bethleann (in book two), who is now his lovely bride. Oops I gave away a few plot lines for new readers. Oh well, they’re not such big secrets any longer. Anyway, I am certain that Georg is very fond of thickets after all is said and done.