It’s Almost Easter, NO Fooling

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner? Me either. And I’m the one that is supposed to be on top of that. Georg, Bethleann & I have been really busy getting everything ready for the big day.

All the family youngsters are helping dye eggs and gather wishflower seeds for Georg. You do recall that Georg delivers wishflowers, right?

What’s a wishflower some of you ask. A wishflower is a very special Easter treat for all the children who cannot receive an egg filled Easter basket. Georg sows these special seeds all over the world every year. After the seeds sprout, flower and mature, if a child finds one and makes a wish while scattering the puffball AND if a fairy catches it the wish will come true. Some people call wishflowers dandelions but their true name is wishflower.

Oops I need to scoot. Edward & Sebastian just spilled dye all over their fur.


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