Aaand Here WE Are

Many a Easter ago I nudged Sand Raleigh to write my story. She had already created my image faithfully in the form of a stuffed rabbit. She wrote an introductory tag that while true to me was sooooo lacking in all of the details.

But she’s a good lass and was agreeable to my requested writing task. I chatted in her ear. She wrote. She got tangled in her own web of words a few times and I set her straight.

It took her awhile to get in the right gear for all of my stories but she stuck with the project with blind faith. And wrote. And wrote.

Most times she had no idea where the story was going and I felt it wise to only tell her a bit at a time lest she get hopelessly tangled. She trusted me and it was always fun to see her expression of surprise when she realized how the story was going to turn out.

Thank you dear readers for hopping along with me. It means a lot to this hard working rabbit. Now I am off to deliver Easter goodies and more wish flowers than ever in this strange year.

Maybe we did not fix Black Live as much as we thought after all. He seems to be stirring up the wrong kind of trouble. Again.

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